Hi everyone,

This Saturday, I’m once again hosting a virtual Haskell CoHack. In the past, we’ve had a great time with groups here working on various projects, whether it’s learning Haskell, hacking on GHC, writing documentation, making progress on personal projects, or just hanging out to chat with like-minded folk. You should consider coming if you would be excited to meet fellow Haskell programmers and work or learn together with them.

There are details, including times, on the meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/NY-Haskell/events/280998863

There’s a well-known problem called the Towers of Hanoi, in which n disks, all different sizes, are placed onto three rods to form towers. The goal is to move between various configurations while following two rules.

  1. You may only move one disk at a time, and must place that disk…

Before COVID-19 left its mark on the world, a group of us met one a month in New York for the “Haskell Cohack”, hacking together on Haskell programming projects of various forms. We had people there to learn Haskell or teach it, to talk about category theory, to work on…

I’ve just released a small update to HMock, the Haskell mock testing framework which I first released following Zurihac. Here’s what’s new in the new version.

Rejecting ambiguous expectations

First, HMock can now reject ambiguous expectations. Suppose had a mock filesystem monad with HMock, and you wrote something like this:

expect $ ReadFile_…

Chris Smith

Software engineer, volunteer K-12 math and computer science teacher, author of the CodeWorld platform, amateur ring theorist, and Haskell enthusiast.

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