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  • Haskell Foundation

    Haskell Foundation

    A non-profit for driving improvements in the tools, libraries, community, and adoption of the Haskell programming language.

  • Robert Passmann

    Robert Passmann

    I’m a logician working in mathematics and philosophy. PhD Candidate at ILLC, University of Amsterdam.

  • Ronald Boothe

    Ronald Boothe

    Professor Emeritus, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA

  • Alfred Thompson

    Alfred Thompson

    Computer science teacher, author, blogger, speaker, nice guy.

  • Paul Brauner

    Paul Brauner

    Googler and Haskeller. Please note that the opinions/facts presented do not necessarily reflect the opinion/views of my employer and affiliated groups.

  • Felienne Hermans

    Felienne Hermans

  • Monoid Mary

    Monoid Mary

    manic pixie lambda girl. writing a book for learning Haskell: http://haskellbook.com. i like children, mountains, beer, and Boolean logic.

  • Mike Zamansky

    Mike Zamansky

  • John Wiegley

    John Wiegley

    Haskell programmer, Emacs devotee, Mac OS X, Linux, Common Lisp, Bahá’í, and lover of philosophy.

  • Michael Pershan

    Michael Pershan

    Math teacher, writer.

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